13 November 2012

Angry Birds Papercraft

Hello! This is my first postOf course you already know the Angry BirdsEven today Rovio has launched many versions of this shooting game adaptation. There are many versions of papercraft angry birds out there that you can get, but here I am making my own version you can download.

I tried to create a more simple papercraft and more birds in just two sheets of paper.

Here are screen shots of these birds papercrafts:

1. Red Bird.
The main icon of angry birds.

 2. Blue Bird.
The pattern contains three of this birds.

 3. Yellow Bird.
Probably the type of bird you like because of its speed.

 4. Black Bird.
It must be the most favourite bird. It can explode to crushing hard rocks around piggies.
 5. White Bird.
An exploding egg throw bird type. Its fun!

 6. Green Bird.
Super unique bird that swinging back like boomerang!!

 7. Big Red Bird.
The more powerful bird than others. Everybody love it.

I do not provide instructions for assembling, so please refer to pictures.

tips: first cut along a line that is provided in order to insert tails and something like that of each birds.

I hope you like it as me. Happy crafting! ^^

Pass: tos-craft


  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for providing this free. My son loves it very much.

    More power to you!

    1. What is the password to get these angry birds papercrafts?

    2. Never mind. i found it. thank you very much, i love the templates already

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i cannot download file please repair this thing

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  4. it seems like the templates are removed from the server...
    Can you check that?

    1. and can xou create Stella (pink bird) this way too, please?

    2. i finally got your download through a wayback-machine-archive.

    3. a tip:
      at Mathilda and The Blues you placed the eyes already on the main-body-part.
      Do that for all birds to make them easyer to assemble

    4. Oh and i miss Bubbles (orange bird) and Silver (grey bird).
      Together with Stella (pink bird) they can fill a third page for that papercraft-printouts.
      Don´t forget to place their eyes on the main-parts in the printout, too

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