24 October 2014

RX 0 Unicorn Gundam 01, 02(N) Banshee, 03 Phenex papercraft

Very well done! ^^ My friend Paperroni, edited tos-craft's unicorn gundam (unicorn mode) 1:144 scale. The original one released at paper-replika.com, and also have premium parts.
Here's tos-crafts Unicorn gundam at PR. (include pdo file as instructions)

And now we can release three templates in one!
Paperroni has editted tos-craft version, plus, make Banshee and Phenex.
He even build them nicely,

20 October 2014

TOOTHLESS (How to Train Your Dragon 2) Papercraft

Last year, I have promised to make toothless from How to Train Your Dragon movies. So this is a very long work until I'm confidence enough to design this. So sorry for that. I'm big fan of Dreamworks animation so I really want to make the good one toothless.

Okay, Im good enough now, but this papercraft still on 'medium' level of difficulty. An original template is very small, so there other same template labelled larger which easier to build.