22 September 2017

Full Armor Unicorn gundam 1:144 papercraft

This model have many and very small parts, especially its fullarmor-thing. This papercraft now free (check also Wing Zero gundam papercraft which is free too). There are link at below post

Some preview. You might want save for references:

The INSTRUCTIONS is PDO file. pdo file can only opened by pepakura
viewer, which can download at tamasoft.co.jp

The file including 2 kind of patterns/template to choose,

COLOR patterns, print like usual in white paper. its good to use 120-160 gsm papers. And BLANK patterns, you should print in colored already papers. You can use fancy paper, like jasmine, or brand like majestic and stardream.

Here's the link Full Armor Unicorn Gundam 1:144

From google drive go to File>Download.
Zip files can be opened by WinRAR, IZArc, or any compressed file opener.


  1. I've almost finished making this papercraft, and it is excellent! Nice work on making it almost as detailed as the show on the accurate-to-RG-figure scale, but not too hard too make! I even printed out a bunch of the I-shield and gatling gun sections because it was relaxing making them. I scaled down paperroni's modified banshee version, but that one needed the shield to be scaled up first for it to fit over the original.(I love show-accuracy and needed to build the DE parts over your shield) But... I really came to ask you for, well, I really need a 1/144 scale Astaroth Rinascimento Gundam papercraft-
    And I would like you to make it. Your gundam papercraft are the best I've found anywhere. I've even made an active version of the I-shield with your pieces. But... while I can edit any papercraft to make it almost a new version, I have no knowledge or ability to make one from scratch.

    1. I would love an Astaroth Rin. papercraft in 1/144!
      Maybe a Schwartzritter too... Or a Reversible Gundam.
      I'm going to buy the HG Astaroth Rin. Gundam, but It will take a while to get here, so please help fill the time in between! ;)

    2. A 1/144 Rinascimento Gundam papercraft would be awesome!
      Plz make it!

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    1. Margaret Octaviani, you are fake AND gay.

  3. Thank you so much for your generous sharing!!
    Wish you all the best, and enjoy on papercraft !!