28 June 2014

WING ZERO Gundam 1:60 papercraft

Hi! If you following tos-craft premium facebook page, you already know what is my latest work.
Here it is, Gundam wing Zero.

All I can say, this papercraft not have very complex shape. I keep shapes simple and easy to build.

Maybe a bad news for some of you, because I release this 1:60 scale model as premium model.
But, fortunately, you can try some part with free! And can be your consideration for buying the full template one.
The free part are Head and Body, which can be Bust model!

27 June 2014

Mercurius 1:60 papercraft

 Hi, this is Mercurius papercraft, appear in manga(comic), and TV series of gundam wing, Piloted by Heero Yuy.

This model released as premium model before. But I released this for free now. Hope you like it.

I remind you this is old files, so maybe its have some errors. You can improving while build it.