30 January 2014

EXIA Gundam 1:144 papercraft

Ok time for more badass model.
Yup its GN 001 Exia Gundam

There are many gundam model around the internet
but almost all of them are 1:60 scale. 
Its hard to build, need alot of paperstock, and need big space.
Or if you find gundam model with a few patterns, probably its SD scale.

So here I try to have my own concept, 1:144,
save space, and keep in proportional shape!
Of course its very simplified. May this can be trending to other designers. ^^a

Mr Peabody papertoy

Here simple papertoy for upcoming movie from my favorite animations studio!
Mr. Peabody and sherman will released in March 7th in US. You can watch the official trailers on their facebook fanpage