23 December 2012

Om Nom (Cut the Rope) Papercraft

Om Nom is the main protagonist of Cut the Rope. Om Nom loves candy, so if the candy drops off-screen or gets destroyed, Om Nom will groan in disappointment and make a sad face.

In Cut the Rope,  
Players must feed Om nom with candy by cutting ropes and other tools necessary.  The candy hangs by one or several ropes which the player must cut with a swipe of their finger (or mouse on the web-based version). Using various objects such as floating bubbles and bellows, the candy must also be manipulated around obstacles to get to Om Nom’s mouth.

Each level pack introduces new challenges. Levels are scored with a zero to three star rating, according to how many stars the player picked up, and a point score depending on the number of stars collected and the amount of time taken to complete the level.

16 December 2012

Pendekar Pentung Papercraft

Just like Garudaboi, Pendekar Pentung (Bat Warrior) is a character in the same comic, Garudaboi.

He is a super hero which does not have a lot of great ability than garudaboi.
But, he can call his metaphysics partner which is called Pocong Keren(Cool Jumping Dead). Indonesian kind of ghost.

Kimong Papertoy

Kimong is cute mascot from ngomik.com. Ngomik.com is a digital comic publishing platform users in Indonesia which consists comic Comics, Lovers and Comic Publisher.

06 December 2012

Garudaboi Papercraft

I love comics. I've even made ​​some comic though just a hobby. Comics are very popular and attractive to many people, including in Indonesia.

Currently the world of Indonesian comics  start  moving forward in the middle flooding the Japanese and western comics; Whether it's print version and the digital version. Some sites provide free comics to read, ngomik.com, komikoo.com, and makko.co

The Penguins of Madagascar Papercraft

I'm a big fan of 3D animated DreamWorks. Almost all of the films they were outstanding. Disney is also great, of course, this may depend only personal tastes.

Madagascar is one of those films were very good, and one of the many characters that DreamWorks made​​, the penguins are so: wow! Here I am trying to design the simple penguins papercraft. 

Bus Kuning Papercraft

Sriwijaya University is a university in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. I'm trying to make something that's related to my university.

There are several public transportations that can be used toward Sriwijaya University (indralaya campus) from Palembang. But basically there are two directions that can be selected using the bus; Pasar-Indralaya and Bukit Indralaya.

Bus kuning is one of them, which took off from the Bukit goes to Indralaya. It's transporting students, lecturers, and staff only.

13 November 2012

Angry Birds Papercraft

Hello! This is my first postOf course you already know the Angry BirdsEven today Rovio has launched many versions of this shooting game adaptation. There are many versions of papercraft angry birds out there that you can get, but here I am making my own version you can download.