16 December 2012

Pendekar Pentung Papercraft

Just like Garudaboi, Pendekar Pentung (Bat Warrior) is a character in the same comic, Garudaboi.

He is a super hero which does not have a lot of great ability than garudaboi.
But, he can call his metaphysics partner which is called Pocong Keren(Cool Jumping Dead). Indonesian kind of ghost.

This papercraft is not so difficult to build, but it has a lot more parts than Garudaboi.
Not to be confused, simply cut each piece and build. Then look for the reference image to
know where the placement.

This papercraft test build by my friend, Vee, while I designed the other papercraft. He using 175 gsm Jasmine paper and printed on an inkjet printer.

If you use a different type of paper the results may be different.

Use paper that is not too thin or too thick; so use 100-200gsm.
Some white parts has the smooth lines, so you better be careful.
Password: tos-craft
Happy crafting!



  1. uy kak... kalo moto tu liat-liat background tu....gak banget deh (panci,kompor,baju tergelatak)...wkwkwkwk